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We did Great at Regions!
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Region 10 Championships
Team Awards Overall

1 STAN Stanford Diving 285.00
2 SCDC Santa Clara Diving Club 152.00
3 HD Hominid Diving / Scorpion Diving 88.00
4 THDC Tualatin Hills Dive Club 82.00
5 SD Sunshine Diving 81.00
6 DIVE DiveSeattle 72.00
7 MVN Mission Viejo 71.00
8 CAP Capital Divers 47.00
9 NDC Nevada Diving Club 35.00
10 BYUC BYU Cougar Diving 32.00
11 UTAH Utah Diving Club 31.00
12 SHER Sherman Divers 23.00
13 Y-NO Y-Not Diving Club 22.00
14 BIDC Bainbridge Island Diving Club 21.00
15 PDGA PDGA USA Inc. (Pacific Diving Academy USA Inc.) 2.00



September marks the beginning of the 2016 Season.
All J.O. Divers will train under the "Gold Schedule", even if only training 4 days per week.
Saturday will be our "Home Room" and will be required with wristbands and warm ups.
All "Novice" Divers should work the "Silver" Schedule, even if only training 3 workouts / week.
Lessons / Beginners train 2 days per week. This Group is for Beginning and Lessons Divers.

Congratulations to:
The 2015 Scorpion Diving National Team
Kaila, Tayler, Valentino, Sergio, Lauren, Jordan, Jack, Cole and Kevin
Thanks to: all families that helped get our team to Orlando

USA Region and Zone Team 2015




Diving memebership.
Register with USA Diving.
Determine which USA Membership you will need.

Gold = Junior Olympic Blue = Novice
Please just ask me if you are unsure. 619-379-4288

About Scorpion Diving
Scorpion Diving is the most competitive springboard diving club in San Diego. Our program has trained the top springboard divers in San Diego since 2005. Each Year our "Elite" Team (Hominid Diving) travels to the USA Junior National Championships.

Our Team dominates all local competitions. Only Clubs with excessive enrollment will outscore our team and by sheer numbers alone. 2nd, 3rd and 4th score more Team Points than 1st. Other coaches are focused on making money. Scorpion Diving is focused on making springboard diving champions. We constructed a gym 4 years ago modeled after our country's Olympic Training Facility. It has helped create some wonderful success stories.

Our Gym and training philosophies are allowing springboard divers to achieve extremely high standards unparalleled in San Diego diving history.


Kevin Dreesen and Peter Myers are THE FIRST springboard divers to complete the Scorpion Training System. It can be done in 5 years. Achieving Purple Belt standards will likely insure you an Athletic Scholarship for Diving. Kevin is a Black Belt and on scholarship at BYU. Peter has recently achieved the Black Belt standards. Tanner Knorr completed the system prior to the inception of Scorpion Diving.

Kevin is the 2011 AAU National Champion on 1 and 3m. In 2012 he finished 3rd at Senior Zones advancing him to the ATT USA Diving Senior National Championships in Addition to Qualifying for all Springboard events at Junior Nationals.
Kevin also has set all San Diego CIF Diving records. This required beating Greg Louganis's 34 year old scores. Mr. Dreesen broke the 11 Dive record on 2 seperate occasions. He didn't start diving with Scorpion and Hominid Diving until he was 13. He has no prior Gymnastics training. He is currently on his Mission for 2 years and we wish him luck. Look for Kevin and Peter in 2020.

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