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Dive San Diego Invite

We will NOT have a timeline finalized until the Meet Registration Closes.
Please register for the events indicated below.
You will need:
1. Coaching Fees... Make a Check to LaQuan Brown for $15.00 and Pay Saturday Feb 22nd
2. Register for events indicated below on FRIDAY
3. You will need an AAU membership. See information below.
4. Be prepared for a long meet!
5. Bring Real food for kids. Not snacks please.

Event 1 and or 2 = 7:45am
Alga Norte Aquatic Center
6565 Alicante Rd.
Carlsbad, CA
United States
APROX. 37 Minutes from Grossmont College

SUNDAY February 23rd
Event 1 - Warm up: 08:30 AM Starts: 09:00 AM
9 & Under Girls 3m Novice KAILA 100A 200A 101C 103C 201C
10-11 Girls 3m Novice Rule LAUREN 100A 200A 001D 101B 103B 201C
7 & Under Boys 1m Novice PARKER 100A 200C 401C
9 & Under Boys 3m Novice VALENTINO 100C 200C 101C 103C 401C
Group D Girls 3m (11 & Under) JORDAN 201C 301C 401B 403C 103B 5132D
Group D Boys 3m (11 & Under)
COLE 101B 201C 301C 401C 103B 5111A
ETHAN 101B 201C 401C 403C 103B 5132D

Event 2
9 & Under Girls 1m Novice KAILA 100B 200C 401C 201C 301C
10-11 Girls 1m Novice LAUREN 100A 200A 401C 201C 103C
7 & Under Boys 3m Novice PARKER 100C 200C 101C
9 & Under Boys 1m Novice VALENTINO 100C 200A 401C 201C 102C
Group D Girls 1m (11 & Under) JORDAN 201C 103C 301C 403C 5122D 203C
Group D Boys 1m (11 & Under)
COLE 401C 201C 301C 103C 402C 5122D
ETHAN 401C 201C 103C 104C 402C 5122D

Event 3
Group A/B Synchro. Girls 1m Springboard
LAUREN & KAILA 401C 101C 201C 301C 102C
JORDAN & ISABELLE 401C 101C 103C 203C 5122D
RAINEY & LAURA 401C 101C 103C 301C 402C
Group A/B Synchro. Boys 3m Springboard
JACK & PETER 401C 101C 105B 5134D 405C
COLE & ETHAN 401C 101C 103B 201C 403C
BLAKE & EVAN 401C 101C 105C 5132D 403C

Event 4
14-15 Girls 1m Novice
RAINEY 100B 200C 401C 402C 103C 201C 301C
LILLY 100A 200A 401C 101C 5111A 102C 002A
14-15 Boys 1m Novice COLE YMCA 100B 200C 401B 201C 301C 103B 5122D
Group C Girls 3m (12-13)
MUPPET 101B 201C 301C 401B 5111B 103B 403C
ISABELLE 103B 201C 301C 401B 5132D 105C 403C
Group C Boys 3m (12-13)
BLAKE 103B 201C 301C 403C 5132D 105C 302C 404C
EVAN 103B 201C 301C 401C 5132D 105C 5231D 403C
Group B Boys 1m (14-15)
103B 201B 301B 401B 5132D 105C 203B 403B 5223D

Event 5
16-18 Girls 1m Novice
KAITLIN 100A 200C 101C 401C 201C 301C 5111A
LAURA 100B 200C 101B 103C 401B 402C 5122D
Group A Girls 1m (16-18)
ALEXA 103B 201C 301C 401B 5122D 5124D 104C 203C 403C
Group A Boys 3m (16-18)
PETER 103B 201B 301B 403B 5132D 107C 205C 305C 405C 5152B

Event 6
14-15 Girls 3m Novice RAINEY 100B 200A 001D 101B 103B 401B 403C 201C
14-15 Boys 3m Novice COLE YMCA 100B 200A 401B 403C 103B 5132D 201C
Group C Girls 1m (12-13)
MUPPET 101B 201C 301C 401B 5111A 103C 202C
ISABELLE 103C 201C 301C 401B 5122D 104C 203C
Group C Boys 1m (12-13)
BLAKE 103B 201C 301C 401B 5122D 5124D 104C 403C
EVAN 103B 201C 301C 401B 5122D 5124D 104C 403C
Group B Boys 3m (14-15)
JACK 103B 201B 301B 403B 5132D 5134D 105B 405C

Event 7
16-18 Girls 3m Novice
KAITLIN 100A 200A 001D 101C 401C 402C 103C 201C
LAURA 100A 200A 001D 101B 103B 401B 403C 201B
Group A Girls 3m (16-18)
ALEXA 101B 201C 301C 403C 5231D 105C 203B 404C 5132D
Group A Boys 1m (16-18)
PETER 103B 201B 301B 401B 5233D 105B 203B 303B 403B 5134D


Championship Team Awards for Men

1 SDC Scorpion Diving 272.00
2 REB Rebel Dive Club 140.00
2 STAN Stanford Diving 140.00
4 BC Baja California Norte 133.00
5 TNB Turn N Burn Diving 98.00
6 EAST East Valley Dive Club 95.00
7 SUND Sun Devil Divers 74.00
8 LDC Lobo Diving Club 69.00
9 CLAV Clavadistas del Sol 64.00
10 AVD All Valley Divers 51.00
11 DSD Dive San Diego 25.00
12 SSD Stars and Stripes Diving 18.00
13 AZMA Arizona Marlins 15.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1 STAN Stanford Diving 390.00
2 SDC Scorpion Diving 372.00
3 BC Baja California Norte 370.00
4 SUND Sun Devil Divers 300.00
5 TNB Turn N Burn Diving 281.00
6 REB Rebel Dive Club 252.00
7 LDC Lobo Diving Club 209.00
8 EAST East Valley Dive Club 173.00
9 CLAV Clavadistas del Sol 140.00
10 AVD All Valley Divers 98.00
11 AZMA Arizona Marlins 80.00
12 DSD Dive San Diego 45.00
13 SSD Stars and Stripes Diving 42.00
14 NAZD Northern Arizona Divers 38.00
15 MESA Mesa Aquatics Diving 35.00

United States Diving Region 9 Championships March 7-9th
Mesa, Az

When you go top 6

United States Diving West National Championships April 26th-27th
Riverside, Ca

United States Diving Summer Regional Championships June 13th-15th
San Diego, Ca

United States Diving Zone E Junior Championships July 10th-13th
Tucson, Az



Diving memeberships.
1st. Register with AAU $14.00.
2nd. Competitive Divers register with USA Diving.
Determine which USA Membership you will need.

Gold = Junior Olympic Blue = Novice
Please just ask me if you are unsure. 619-379-4288

About Scorpion Diving
Scorpion Diving is the most competitive springboard diving club in San Diego. Our program has trained the top springboard divers in San Diego since 2005. Each Year our "Elite" Team (Hominid Diving) travels to the USA Junior National Championships. Peter Myers placed 13th in the USA on 3m. Jack and Jordan both finished in the top 30.

Our Team dominated all local competitions in 2013. Only Clubs with excessive enrollment will outscore our team and by sheer numbers alone. 2nd, 3rd and 4th score more Team Points than 1st. Other coaches are focused on making money. Scorpion Diving is focused on making springboard diving champions. We constructed a gym 4 years ago modeled after our country's Olympic Training Facility. It has helped create some wonderful success stories.

Our Gym and training philosophies are allowing springboard divers to achieve extremely high standards unparalleled in San Diego diving history.


Kevin Dreesen is THE FIRST springboard diver to complete the Scorpion Training System. It can be done in 5 years. Achieving Purple Standards will likely insure you an Athletic Scholarship for Diving. Kevin is a Black Belt and on scholarship at BYU.
He is the 2011 AAU National Champion on 1 and 3m. This year he finished 3rd at Senior Zones advancing him to the ATT USA Diving Senior National Championships in Addition to Qualifying for all Springboard events at Junior Nationals.
Kevin also has set all San Diego CIF Diving records. This required beating Greg Louganis's 34 year old scores. Mr. Dreesen broke the 11 Dive record on 2 seperate occasions. He didn't start diving with Scorpion and Hominid Diving until he was 13. He has no prior Gymnastics training. He is currently on his Mission for 2 years and we wish him luck. Look for him in 2020.

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